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Wing Span: 1.49 m (59")
Wing Area: 21.7 dm2 (336 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: ag455ct-02r to ag47ct-02r
Wing Loading: 13 g/dm2 (3.9 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 260-310 g (9-11 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
See Osiris Mk2

The Osiris is one of the finest DLG on the market. It integrates the latest knowledge in DLG design and construction. Light, stiff and strong it is a very competitive glider for contest, but will also derive many hours of enjoyment for the sport flyer.

Here the key features of this outstanding design:

DLG airfoil designed by Dr. Mark Drela, the wing carries the ag455 to ag47 at the tip. These airfoil have proven to be best performing, they will cover all the speed range by using the reflex and camber change for the high speed launch to the low speed thermal flight.

Wing is hollow molded construction, integrating the spar system into the wing skin to save weight and keeping the maximum strength. Sub-spar, leading and trailing edge are carbon reinforced to keep tortionnal stiffness.

Throw pegs are molded into each wing tips (left and right) and are actually small winglets to reduce drag. They are completely attached to the main spar during molding process.

Ailerons are bottom hinged, so control linkage remains inside of wing, and hinge line is either beveled at tip or regular cut to reduce flutter at launch.

Wing mount is of pylon type to reduce drag between fuselage and wing.

Full carbon pod and boom fuselage has nose cone for easy radio access.

Back of pod has two finger rest for javelin type launches.

Saddle for the elevator is pre-molded and ready to bolt on.

Kit content:
All parts of the Osiris are pre-finished so very little time is required to get it into the air. The hollow molded wing is completely finished and ready to receive two sub micro servos for the ailerons. The tail surfaces are ready to use, rudder needs to be glued in place. The fuselage comes assembled with the pushrods pre-installed. Small hardware and instructions are completing the kit.

Osiris DLG , price: This kit is now superseded by the new Osiris Mk2


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