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Wing Span: 1.49 m (59")
Wing Area: 24.3 dm2 (377 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: ag/ts (Marc Drela based)
Wing Loading: 13 g/dm2 (3.9 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 290-340 g (10-12 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended

The Absalut is a fine all moulded DLG. Full span flaps, sturdy all carbon fuselage a full balsa tail feather. It feature a Mark Drela based airfoil, giving excellent height launches.

Here the key features of this nice design:

Wide speed range envelope with full flapped airfoil, by using the reflex and camber change for the high speed launch to the low speed thermal flight.

Wing is hollow moulded construction, coloured in mould. Left wing tip reinforced to receive throw peg.

Ailerons are top hinged, so will give a good 45deg down travel.

Full carbon pod and boom fuselage has canopy for easy radio access. Long nose reduces the need of weight.



Kit content:
All parts of the Absalut are pre-finished so very little time is required to get it into the air. The hollow moulded wing is completely finished and ready to receive two sub micro servos for the ailerons. The tail surfaces are pre-cut, need to be sanded and glued in place. The fuselage comes assembled. Small hardware and instructions are completing the kit.

Absalut DLG , price: out of stock


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