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Wing Span: 2.36 m (93")
Length: 1.35 m (53")
Wing Area:   dm2 (  sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: SD-8020
Wing Loading:   g/dm2 (  oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.6 kg and up ( oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings
Vector III has been developed over more than two decades and many variants to provide the ultimate no compromise slope aerobatic plane. Read the full story here: History of the Vector III.

Fully molded using CNC generated masters, the Vector is light yet strong and durable. With its 2.3m wing span and generous 20mm ballast tube, the plane is capable of precision aerobatics in anything but the lightest of conditions to a howling gale. Fully symmetrical airfoils are used on wing and tail surfaces to provide ultimate aerobatics that are only limited by the skill of the pilot, and early development models in UK, Taiwan and Germany indicate that this claim is completely justified.
Available in a variety of color schemes, the Vector really looks the part and flies as well as it looks.

Kit comes very complete, two piece wing system with large square carbon joiner, ballast and hardware is completing this kit. Detailed kit content:

  • Hollow molded wings, fiberglass/epoxy, carbon reinforced
  • Sturdy square Carbon wing joiner
  • Fully molded fuselage, carbon reinforced
  • Hollow molded tails surfaces
  • Cross-tail bellcrank installed
  • Servo tray, ballast tube
  • Complete hardware package

Vector Instruction Manual 

Vector III review, all credits due to AMI Magazine: Download

Vector aerobat, all molded slope plane,

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Servo packages (JR, Futaba, Hitec)

  • Carry bags

  • Ballast set included in kit



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