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The Bizz


Wing Span: 1.21 m (48")
Wing Area: 29.7 dm2 (460 in2)
Wing Airfoil: RK3000mod - MH60mod
Wing Loading: 15 g/dm2 (5 oz/in2)
Flying Weight: 420 g - 510 g (15 oz - 18 oz)
Radio: Metal gear Micro servos Std rx

The Bizz was designed to be a fast flying wing with a light airframe and yet be versatile enough to fly in very low lift conditions or handle strong winds without addition of ballast. The design was done using the latest CAD software and also using cutting edge numerical simulation software and techniques with CFD tools to modify and optimize the airfoils for The Bizz. The designers, Jamie Roy and Simon Kruijen, have engineered an airframe with great handling capabilities and with almost instant retrieval form stall or hits. The modified thin airfoils are assembled in a new way, using a rectangular section in its center.

The combination of new airfoils and a 3 piece wingplanform allows The Bizz to fly faster and higher then any other current combat wing, yet stays aloft in winds of as low as 5 mph. Also, extensive flight-testing was done to validate the design and to perform precision improvement on particularities such as the aspect ratio and the position of the aerodynamic center. 
(want to learn more about The Bizz design story, click )

The Bizz kit comes with a 3 part precut blue foam core with EPP leading edges. Precut and sanded elevons. Precut and ready to install winglets. Colored covering tape, other required hardware and a 10 pages comprehensive building manual with numerous images.

The Bizz, kit, price: N/A

Also available The Bizz electric, based on the same airframe as it's slope counterpart, it is a very fast and maneuverable flying wing.

The Bizz electric, kit, price: N/A


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