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Wing Span: 1.50 m (60")
Length: 0.98 m (38.5")
Wing Area: 27 dm2 (418 po2)
Wing Airfoil: sym 9% TP42/TP29
Wing Loading: 41 g/dm2 (13 oz/po2)
Flying Weight: 1.1 kg (39 oz)
Radio: Standard radio/micro and standard servos

The Wasabi is a 60inch molded slope soared designed for "Total" aerobatics. It is the fruit of the team work between French aerobat master Jérome Bobin, airfoil designer Thierry Platon and Flybiwo. The wing airfoils have been specifically designed by Thierry Platon to provide the Wasabi with powerful but precise roll and camber control as well as an impressive speed range. The Wasabi is hollow molded for better respect of the airfoils and rigid flying surfaces.

The Wasabi is at home when bouncing around the slope but it stands out of the crowd due to it's wings incredible performances. Blistering fast accelerations and excellent energy retention are the name of the game but the Wasabi also displays an extended speed range towards the slower part of the flight envelope which comes as quite a surprise considering it is not a lightweight glider.

The Wasabi is by no means a beginner's slope soarer and it is rather aimed at satisfying those pilots willing to spend some time to tune their glider properly in order to discover another world of slope aerobatics.

Kit content:

  • Lightweight molded fiberglass fuselage, pre-painted.

  • 2-piece molded plug-in wing and stabilizer design for easy transportation.

  • All molded rudder

  • A beautiful large removable carbon canopy

  • Hardware.

  • Complete assembly manual, fully illustrated with drawings.

Wasabi ARF, all molded kit,
Wasabi ARF, all molded kit, design edition,


photo courtesy Pierre Rondel Soaring Planet


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