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Wing Span: 1.47 m (58")
Length: 1.36 m (53")
Wing Area: 23 dm2 (356 po2)
Wing Airfoil: HN-1038
Wing Loading: 32 g/dm2 (10.5 oz/po2)
Flying Weight: 750 g - 1.5 kg (26 oz - 53 oz)
Radio: 10 mm Micro servos in the wings. Micro servos and radio in the fuselage.

The Nemesis is an all moulded slope glider. It is designed to win races in the 60-inch class with it's ability to accelerate quickly, go fast and retain energy in the turns. Although the Nemesis excels at racing, it's docile handling allows the intermediate flyer to relax and have fun on the slope, just going fast, or performing the full range of aerobatics. It features state of the art construction with all flying surfaces being hollow core moulded. It sports a radical elliptical wing plan form which has proven to outperform other designs in high-speed runs. 

The HN airfoils are not as well known as some of the more poplar airfoils but have proven themselves to be very efficient in this application. The HN-1038 affords low drag at high speed, while maintaining good lift and docile handling at lower speeds. This plane has proven itself to be very strong even under the extreme abuse of Dynamic Soaring. It currently holds the US record for the fastest run for a 60-inch sailplane on a F3F course. 

Kit content:
A strong fiberglass fuse with a removable canopy, V-tail pushrods pre-installed, and a ballast tube on the bottom of the fuse below the wings, which can accept up to one pound of ballast. Strong hollow core moulded one piece wing that bolts down to the fuselage. The V-tail is a one piece unit that also bolts onto the fuselage. All control surfaces are gapless hinged.  Moulded servo covers, a full inventory of high quality hardware and even an Allen key are included to make a very complete kit. Requires (4) HS125MG and (2) DS281 servo.

Nemesis with flaps (60" slope racer), price: tbd
Nemesis DS (full carbon)
with flaps

Following options and accessories are also available:

  • Custom paint scheme.
  • Servo package (JR. Futaba, Hitec).
  • Carry bag


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