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Madness EP


Wing Span: 1.50 m (59")
Wing Area: 65 dm2 (1008 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: symetrical
Wing Loading: 25 g/dm2 (8.2 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.7-2 kg (60-70oz)
Radio: Standard radio. Regular and mini servos.
Motor Plettenberg Orbit 30-14
on 5S3P LiPo

Designed by triple F3A world champion and TOC winner Christophe Paysant Le Roux (short name CPLR). The Madness II EP aerobatic and 3D airplane is designed specifically for e-power.
This is not and electric conversion, but an all new engineered design for pure electric pleasure.

In particular a fiberglass molded hatch gives full and direct access to the large LiPo pack. Also the motor mount is included and particularly designed for outrunner installation. The tall landing gear allows the use of large 3D propeller. Extreme light all wood construction, large control surfaces and well balanced proportions makes this aircraft very easy to fly 3D, hover, torque roll or fly your preferred aerobatic routines. Sport flyer will enjoy the ease of setting up the airplane and the easy handling, while experienced pilot will enjoy and recognize the share of experience and knowledge CPLR put in the design of these famous Madness series of airplanes.

This plane is also an excellent "next step plane". You will find at the beginning the same behaviour as with the small park flyer, then you can increase the throws as your skill improves.

This is not a kit, the model comes completely built, and ready for radio installation. When you know how long it takes to build a full balsa kit you will admire the craftsmanship. Only a few hours are required, before you go to the field. All parts are covered with Oralight. Tail surfaces are finished. A Fiberglas cowling, fiberglass battery hatch, fiberglass wheel pants, a package of hardware and building instruction are completing the kit.

kit content:


Radio requirements are two regular servos for the ailerons, two mini servos for the elevator and rudder. 
To power the plane many setups are available, the recommended setup, we tested with great success is the Orbit 30-14 outrunner from Plettenberg on 5S3P LiPo pack.

Madness II EP RTF kit, price: 329.00 US, sale only: 219.00U$
Combo special, ask for proposal, example:
Madness II EP, Orbit 30-14, tmm8024-3s expert+, LiPo 5S1P AP 3700mAh



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