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Magellan-E XL


Wing Span: 2.5 m (98")
Wing Area: 43 dm2 (666 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: MH-32 mod.
Wing Loading: 27 g/dm2 (8.4 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.2-1.4 kg (42-49 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor Hotline 1400-1W , -2W outrunner

The Magellan E XL electric is the continuing effort in development after the popular Carbon D-light, Koleos and Magellan series of electric gliders from ICARE. They are based on the same moulded carbon D-box technology that made

the Carbon D-light so successful. . This type of construction results in a very strong, light wing and a very accurate airfoil shape over the leading edge - the most important part of the airfoil.

Now in the Magellan E XL, is the big brother of the Magellan E, it has a larger wingspan and longer fuselage for a well balanced airframe. The fuselage design allows the tendency of using more the LiPo battery packs and also to have the ability to use the versatile brushless outrunner motor. The design of the fuselage is a canopy style fuselage made from full Kevlar/carbon cloth, for extreme strength, stiffness and lightness.

The V-tail servos are installed under the wing, actuating the control surfaces by pushrods. Neat V-tail control horns are supplied. V-tail is also bolt on for easy transportation.

The whole wing is a carbon D-box construction, even the trailing edge, improving the overall stiffness of the wing. Aileron and flaps are molded carbon and Kevlar hinged for extra durability. This, combined with an overall easy handling, results in a sailplane that will allow you to work small low-level thermals with confidence. 

All parts of the Magellan-E are pre-finished so very little time is required to get it into the air. The two-piece wing is completely finished and covered in Oracover Light, it holds together by means of a steel rod and against the fuselage with bolts. The molded V-tail is covered and ready to bolt on. The fuselage comes complete with a trimmed canopy, wing hold down block. You will need 6 of your favourite sub-micro servos and a micro receiver. Hardware package and instruction are completing the kit.

We have created an extremely well balanced setup for this glider by using a small powerful inrunner the Mega 3S (which weights only 125g), this setup will give a nice 400-650W, a so the power level can be adjusted by changing prop size to suit pilots wanted climb rate. Other setups available upon request!

Magellan E XL, ailerons, flaps, V-tail, price: 419.00, on sale 389.00 U$

Electric XL,  550Watts brushless combo, includes a Mega 3S, HET-75, EP22003S1P 65C LiPo, Cam 13 x 8 folding, inquire for current pricing.




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