Scale: 1:3
Wing Span: 6.6 m (259")
Length: 2.35 m (92")
Wing Airfoil: HQ 2.5
Flying Weight: 13 kg (458 oz)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini and micro servos for the wings.

Model is made with a laminated glass fusselage, rudder, elevator, tips and winglets. The wings are made of polystyrene with carbon and glass components, a veneer covering with a layer of plastic foil "ORACOVER". A carbon and glass fibre strengthener runs through the centre of the wings. In the case of special wish there are installed water balast. Landing gear with brake are detailed. Cockpit with stuffing and painting instrument panel.

Controllable components: elevator, rudder, ailerons, brake flaps, landing gear, tow release, brake of landing gear.

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LF-20, 6.6 m, RTF kit, price: inquiry for current pricing
Optional water ballast, price: inquiry for current pricing


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